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CCM New York is a Creative Powerhouse For Video


We believe that the most impactful stories are those that resonate with a larger community, and our strategic approach ensures that your messages serve a purpose beyond self-promotion.


We understand that, in a world of constant digital noise, being true to your core values is what sets you apart. Our meticulous production process ensures that your content is a reflection of not just what you do but who you are.


When it comes to booking top C-level executives on national and international business shows, We position your brand as a thought leader by presenting truthful narratives that inspire trust and credibility.

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At CCM New York we don't just create videos; we architect strategic visual narratives that elevate your brand, engage your audience, and deliver measurable results.

We meticulously craft a comprehensive video strategy, with each element deriving its purpose from a well-defined framework. This process commences by establishing clear communication objectives, crafting targeted messages, and identifying the audience for maximum impact.

Our approach extends to a thorough review of existing video components within our clients' communication efforts, accompanied by a meticulous cost-benefit analysis. This strategic evaluation often leads to resource optimization, enhancing efficiency and expanding outreach.

Key components integral to our video strategy include:


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